EU ITN Cornucopia final meeting and ISSY31: 9-13 October 2014 

The 2014 annual meeting was also the final ITN Cornucopia meeting. As we proposed in our grant application, this meeting was held in co-organization with a larger yeast meeting, the ISSY31. The minutes from the final ITN meeting and the evaluation of the advisory board can be found here



The ISSY31 (31st International Specialized Symposium on Yeast) took place in Vipava, Slovenia, in October 2014 with 248 registered participants. The ISSY31 was co-organized by Lund University, Jozef Stefan Institute, Cornucopia EU ITN project, University of Nova Gorica and Jubi kinase. Both the venue and the topic of the conference (Yeast Fermentations: from Genes to Application Aspects) with a focus on non-conventional yeasts, have been selected by the late Prof. Jure Piskur, who sadly passed away shortly before the meeting. Presentations of the results from Cornucopia by the fellows took place as integral part of the ISSY31.

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Cornucopia Annual Meeting on 23rd September, 2013 in Milan (Italy), 

the consortium partner meeting will also be on 24th September in the morning;
Course for young researchers on Fermentation Technology (Milan, 24-25 September)
Course on oenology and wine yeasts (San Michele all’Adige , 26-28 September)


Annual meeting and Course autumn 2013 (Milano-Trento)




Final Agenda

Meeting Report 2013


Course on food safety and mammalian cell models to study probiotic properties, Valencia 3-7th June 2013



Annual meeting 2012 and Mid-term review


Agenda for Mid-Term

Agenda for Annual


The annual meeting and mid-term review will be  22-23 November 2012 in Leuven (Belgium). Just before these event there will be a Cornucopia course on yeast quantitative genetics (Leuven, 19-21 November, 2012).




The Cornucopia students should arrive to Lund on Sunday, 6th May (or very early Monday morning), and Jure´s course (on patents, spin-offs, communication) starts on Monday at 10 am and finishes by Friday late afternoon.


On Saturday 12th May we will have student project presentation (attended by all senior consortium members) and later Cornucopia seniors meeting (and finish with a dinner at Biologihuset).
 On Sunday 13th March morning,  the Cornucopia studens will leave for Copenhagen and in the afternoon they will start their Copenhagen course package, starting at KU and followed by the Carlsberg and Chr. Hansen parts.
 The students stay until Wednesday, 16th May lunch time and will then in the afternoon start leaving.
 We have already booked a hotel for our students in Lund and Copenhagen, and be sure that you contacted Peter and let him now about your plans, otherwise you will need to book yourself.



All Cornucopia young reserchers should start on a new course on 7
th May 2012 (and stay around until 16th May). 
There will be a "2 week" course in Lund/Copenhagen (patents, spin-offs, presentation techniques, probiotics, aromas, single cell analysis). The first week will be in Lund, completed by the student project presentation on Saturday, 12th. The second week will be a beer aromas and probiotics course in Copenhagen. The courses will be organized by Lund University, Carlsberg, Chr. Hansen and Copenhagen University. The fee will be approx. 100 € for students for the patent part. Accommodation first in Lund and later in Copenhagen. However, further details will be available in early February.
Optional meeting of Cornucopia "seniors" (student supervisors) (including attendance of the student presentations): Saturday, 12
th May in Lund.


19-21 November 2012 - course in Leuven

Mid-term review meeting 23 November in Leuven


The VIB/KULeuven group of the Cornucopia network will organize a three-day practical and theoretical course on 'Polygenic analysis of complex traits in yeast' in Leuven from 19 Nov. till 21 Nov. 2012. The course will be followed by the Cornucopia annual meeting on 22 Nov. and the Mid-term review meeting at the EC in Brussels on 23 Nov.
The course is intended for all Cornucopia PhD students and post-docs. The practical sessions will be open to a small number of outside PhD students, while the theoretical sessions and invited lectures will be open to all interested scientists.
The course will comprise practical sessions on yeast mating, sporulation, tetrad analysis, phenotypic screening and bioinformatic analysis of data from pooled segregant whole genome sequence analysis. There will be theoretical presentations on genetic analysis of complex traits and its use for the selection and development of superior industrial yeast strains. Particular emphasis will be on the use of modern high-throughput genome sequencing for the mapping and identification of genetic elements responsible for superior properties of industrial importance in different applications with industrial yeast strains (bioethanol, beer, wine, baking, etc.).


meeting report 2012




Yeast Biodiversity Course CBS/Cornucopia, Utrecht, The Netherlands

November 21-25 November 2011.

CBS-KNAW Biodiversity Centre, Uppsalalaan 8, 3584 CT Utrecht

Organization: Teun Boekhout, Marizeth Groenewald, Raquel Quintilla, Bart Theelen


find schedule and instructions here



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meeting report nov 25th 2011






Kick off Meeting 25:th March 2011, Lund, Sweden




A short report!



see what Professor Emeritus André Goffeau has to say about Cornucopia!



 All ten partners had at least one representative except KU (also associated partner was not represented), also all 3 advisory board members.

First, LU legal advisor Sara Ljung and EU advisor Ragna Ehrenstråhle had short presentations on the legal and administration aspects of our ITN project.



Concerning the discussions at the kick-off meeting on information to other parties on patent applications we reached the conclusion that it is not necessary nor practicably possible for a party to inform the other parties prior to the patent application of the contents thereof. In practice we suggested that when a party has decided to file a patent application, they only inform the other parties that they will file an application. If the filing party thereafter decides to publish the results, the procedure in section 8.3 shall be considered. In short, each publication should be, prior to submission, sent to all partners for commenting. 



We also discussed our recruitment, and the first employed researcher, Raquel (started at the Uttrecht partner), had a short presentation.

Several partners were already close to select their candidates and a majority would start before or during the summer holidays.



Advisory Board members presented themselves and "commented" on the project, consortium, etc.

Andre has a very strong background in running several large EU projects, Charles has a valuable expertise on industry research on yeast, and Helena is very experienced with innovation aspects. Andre actually started the meeting with an open lecture on the EU-funded project on the yeast genome sequencing, especially on several aspects taking place "behind the stage", which was well accepted by the audience.



Teun had a short presentation of the Uttrecht meeting (in November) and sent around a preliminary program for the young researchers and the following consortium meeting.


The meeting finished with the dinner. Nobody got poisoned by Judita's and Jure's "home-preserved" mushrooms.