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Cornucopia is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network that started in february 2011, funded by the European Commision 7:th Framework Programme (FP7). Cornucopia is coordinated by Lund University (Sweden).


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Yeast is one of the most frequent organisms on earth and the biodiversity in this group is immense. Conventional yeasts, such as Saccharomyces cerevisiae, are well studied and some of the most important food production micro-organisms. S. cervisiae has been used for centuries for the production of wine and beer as well as bread. But other species, the nonconventional yeasts, are an underutilized resource that may hold great academic and industrial potential. The aim of this ITN project is to train young researchers in this so far unexplored field of research.

The prospect of finding new uses for species we already know or ways to put other nonconventional species to use is very exciting and holds great promise for future research and industrial applications.

One of the most important tasks of Cornucopia is to train young researchers in leading edge techniques and provide them with the multidisciplinary vision necessary to address the kind of research and development issues that will arise in this field.             


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This is a short film featuring one of the initiators of Cornucopia, Jure Piskur. He tells us more about the potential of the unexplored field of research concerning nonconventional yeasts.